Transworld Surf / Checkout

Featured here in Transworld Surf's introduction to the world Surfing community in their (CHECKOUT) section many years ago.

Two things that most people don't know about Canada: It has both good waves and good surfers.  That's right - Canada!  One of the best surfers from the Great White North is Sepp Bruhwiler.  Sepp comes from a family of surfers - both his two brothers and sister surf.  In fact, the bruhwiler family could be considered Canada's royal surfing family, as they run things on Canada's west coast.  Both Sepp and his older brother Raph virtually hold every title in Canadian surfing, having represented Canada at the world titles.  They appeared in every Canadian surfing video, and own a surf camp in Tofino on Vancouver Island's west coast.

Tofino, with its 120 plus inches of annual rainfall, earned the nickname "Tough City" back in the Wild West days.  The perfect grotto for Sepp - the strapping image of a cross between a hockey player and a lumberjack.  A real tough hoser. eh! Sepp takes his toughness out on the waves.  Whether he's crosschecking the lip or chopping down one of V.I.'s bombies, he's all power -- going through boards in the process like Paul Bunyan went through trees.  And he does it in more rubber than most men could ever imagine putting on in one lifetime -- 5/4/3's with booties, gloves and hoods are the norm in the brutally cold North Pacific.  And if you still don't get it, check out the movies Numb, 49 degrees, or 5mm and you'll witness what I'm talking about, as well as Sepp paddling a giant log out in the lineup (a common sight) or surfing in a blizzard.  One way or the other you'll respect his skills and appreciate his dedication to a sport that most of us take for granted. 

--Brandy Faber