Transworld Surf / editorial

Sepp VS Raph Pop Quiz featured in Transworld Surf.

1. Where was the first place Captain George Vancouver
stepped ashore on Vancouver Island in 1792?

Sepp's Answer - Nootka Sound (1pt.)

Raph's Answer - Nootka Sound (1pt.)

2. What Canadian comedian starred in
Ace Venture: Pet Detective?

Sepp - Jim Carrey (1pt.)

Raph - That's easy: Jim Carrey (1pt.)

3. Name as many species of salmon as you can.

Sepp - Sockeye, coho, spring, pink, king, silver,
red/cherry. (8pts.)

Raph - Spring/chinook. coho, chum, pink, sockeye,
king (6pts.)

4. Who was the first person to surf Pipeline? 

Sepp - I don't know that one (0pts)

Raph - Phil Edwards (1pt)

5. How did Canadian surf pioneer Jim Sadler originally get to Vancouver Island?

Sepp - On a ferry? (0pts)

Raph - He either hitchhiked or rode a horse. (1pt)

6. If an orca and a white shark got into a fight, who would win?

Sepp - Depends on the size, but probably the orca, which has more power (1pt)

Raph - Orca, hands down. (1pt)

 [check out to see for yourself]

7. What is the name of the Chilean surf spot in this year's WCT Rip Curl Pro Search event?

Sepp - I have no idea. (0pts)

Raph - Africa? (0pts)

 [Africa is the name of the town, but the actual spot is called El Gringo.]

8. How many days did Paris Hilton spend in jail?

Sepp - Thrity? (0pts)

Raph - A month? (0pts)

 [Hilton spent 23 days in the slammer]

9.What is the official tree of British Columbia?

Sepp - Maple. (0pts)

Raph - Dogwood. (0pts)

 [B.C.'s official tree is the western red cedar]

10. When Surfing in cold water, what part of your body loses the most heat?

Sepp - Head (1pt)

Raph - Your head. (1pt)

11. Who is the Stanley Cup named after?

Sepp - Lord Stanley (1pt)

Raph - Lord Stanley.  Thats an easy one. You're asking that to a Canadian? (1pt)

12. Who introduced ice hockey to Canada, and what did he use as a puck?

Sepp - Lord Stanley? I don't know about the puck. (0pts)

Raph - Wayne Gretzky? that's who introduced it to me.
Whoever it was must have used a frozen apple. (0pts)

 [Pierre Lapin and he used a frozen beaver bladder]

FINAL SCORE > > Sepp - 13  & Raph - 13

Neck-and-neck until the finish, Canada's two favourite surf sons ended up in a tie here, 
each scoring 13 points.  REMATCH!!