Media - Sepp Bruhwiler

Sepp Bruhwiler is one of Canada's top Professional Surfers for over two decades now along with his older brother Raph Bruhwiler. They are amongst the pioneers of Canadian Surfing. They’ve lead the way for Tofino local professional surfer’s Peter Devries, Noah Cohen and a host of other local up and coming surfers. Through his well-balanced, polished surfing and powerful back side surfing, he gained more than local recognitions in International Surf Magazine such as SURFER, SURFING, Trans World Surf, Waves, SBC Surfing and many more. With this international exposure and Sepp's polished surfing style, he gained credit as a natural born waterman. This recognition earned him a safety jet ski position on Shannon Campbell-Brown’s Toyota Commercial for Europe and a main role in the H3 Hummer commercial that aired on Monday Night Football in United States.

We have complied various magazine articles, cover shots and shots in the various international surfing magazines of Sepp. There will be updated shots and videos of Sepp and friends surfing in and around Tofino, as well as trips to various spots around the world that Sepp goes on.