Sepp Bruhwiler

Sepp Bruhwiler getting barreled in a waveSepp was born and raised in Tofino, right on South Chesterman Beach. A local boy, Sepp, had a natural talent for surfing, and was born a waterman. He started competing at the age of 9 and had turned his passion for surfing as a career as a professional surfer. As a professional surfer, he has won many distinguished competitions and accolades in the international surfing world.

In 2005, Sepp launched Westside Surf School and it immediately was considered one of the premiere surf schools in Canada. A team of Lifeguard and CPR trained instructors and safety guides dedicate to an enriched Tofino surfing experience and to provide a great adventure for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfer. Today he still insures this by having some of the most qualified and experienced surf instructors.